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Teachers are so important to the backbone of future generations.  I feel privileged to coach both students and teachers to challenge the status quo and make positive steps to change how the world is perceived.  I aim to make teachers and students alike, robust, empathetic and confident.

Coaching in schools

Having worked with various groups of teachers and childcare providers I am humbled by the dedication to provide the best possible environment for young people to thrive.  However this has come at a cost.  With teachers suffering burnout, stress and detrimental mental health, something needs to be done to turn this on its head.  

I work with schools to ensure teachers better manage stress.  I coach teams to become more resilient.  But above all I coach teams to follow the same ethos and example that they teach those in their care, about the value of wellbeing, resilience, mindfulness and the importance of exercise to name but a few.  

Interested to know more?  Please get in touch and be delighted to come and visit your school soon.

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