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Image by Connor McSheffrey
Man in the mountains

What my clients say

Walking coaching is very different from traditional forms of coaching, counselling or therapy. Simply being side by side means I am walking alongside you towards your future, helping you see the opportunities that are around us. Being outside creates the most open, honest environment possible to help you be open, honest and driven to make the changes you deserve. There's no pressure on our walks, no notes, no screens and absolutely no judgement!

I can't quite believe how much my career outlook has changed. I have more clarity now and feel positive about the level of unknown and uncertainty going forward, reframing this as an opportunity rather than a concern or risk to be managed.

Coaching with Ali is an investment in yourself and you are absolutely worth the time.

My mindset has changed, how I look at problems, how I address things going on in my life - that has changed for the better. "The grass is greener wherever you water it!"

He will challenge you, look to understand the fundamental issue you have and ask you questions to get to the source - without being intrusive or abrupt.

The experience of coaching whilst walking was very positive. The outdoors has a soothing effect on my nervous system and as a result, I am able to think more flexibly and see greater possibilities for change.

Ali would make links with previous discussions where appropriate which helped to identify themes - this increased my understanding of how a number of smaller issues I brought to the sessions actually fed into the same challenge.

The metaphor around moving towards a more positive future and out look was brilliantly captured in the walking coaching.

This self confidence and more positive out look has had a positive impact in both my personal and work life

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