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Image by Connor McSheffrey
Man in the mountains

Hey There

Hello, I'm Ali Hollest. There isn't a job title which accurately describes what I do. I fuse my specialist knowledge of the outdoors, sport coaching, bushcraft, mental health and wellbeing to create powerful life changes when you need it most.  I'm offering you the chance to rethink your values, rethink the status quo.  No screens, no notes, no chairs.  Let's go for a walk and talk.

How Are You Today?

Are you lost? Fed up of a mundane, repetitive existence? Suffering mental health battles? In need of change? So was I! Let's get through this together. I offer a unique perspective on life's challenges, drawing on my own, colourful personal experiences, choices I've made and a strong sense of living by my personal values. Call it life coaching, personal or professional development and the like, your difficulties and the journey you're on are just as unique as your solutions to help you reshape your future. 

Let's be honest, we've all had enough of screens, zoom and teams.  We all know the value of getting outside and getting those steps in.  I believe in movement, talking and listening.  I offer screen free, open and honest coaching in the great outdoors.


I work with real people just like you, who want to see their future come to life.  People who feel stuck, bored, down, but know deep down there is a better outcome beyond their current scope of vision.  I also work with real people fighting internal and harmful messages, whilst trying to lead and be successful.  I work with people who just need a space to talk, keep active and make the most of the outside looking in.  If you know there is a better way, but you can't see the wood for the trees, then I want to work with YOU!

I believe opportunities are all around us, but we need to be in the right mindset to take advantage.  

We'll meet in the great outdoors whatever the weather.  Prior to this I always like to have a FREE 15-30 minute introduction call to establish whether we are the right fit for each other, with no obligation should you rather find help elsewhere.


Please get in touch for an informal chat. I look forward to meeting you for a friendly walk very soon.

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